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Business English Training for Consumer Goods & Services Professionals

Business English Training for Consumer Goods and Services Professionals Consumer goods and…

Business English Training for Law Offices

Business English Training for Law Offices BridgeRise business English training for law…

Business English Training for HR and Job Placement Specialists

Business English Training for HR and Job Placement Specialists International companies need staff…

About us

Premium Business English Training in Duesseldorf BridgeRise is the name of my specialised and premium business English training program for companies and firms. The program draws on a wealth of

Achieving effective training is a process, not a matter of applying a “one size fits all” method to different groups of employees, each with individual strengths and weaknesses, goals, and ways of learning best.

The first step of the BridgeRise approach is to get a clear picture of what learners are already able to do in English, and map these against the English tasks and responsibilities being targeted by the company planning training. This is accomplished via in-person or online assessment in conjunction with simple but effective needs-analysis/advising sessions with the company´s HR. These sessions also inform situational and logistical questions, such as whether training should be in-person or remote, individual or in small (or sometimes large) groups, regular or intensive, and more.

Putting everything together in a way that works can be very different from company to company and learning group to learning group, so an approach customized to each situation is key. Although almost anyone can benefit from general English or general business English training, your learning will hit a plateau if it doesn´t continue to evolve. That´s where specialization comes in.

For BridgeRise, this means making training reflect work and real-life wherever possible – something which can be done at almost all ability levels. We achieve this by drawing on BridgeRise´s ever-growing and evolving trove of materials, lessons, and activities. When continued progress means diving deeper into a work task, we select appropriate tasks and lessons from the trove, adapt them, and apply them to the particular learner or group. If the goal is to keep from getting rusty or just practice high-level or often-used skills, this approach also keeps things interesting and practical. The result is a lessons and materials set that applies especially to the people using it.

The BridgeRise approach also means regular student assessment – to check progress and update goals – as well as consulting with HR so that customers can ensure their training budget is being used efficiently, students are satisfied and learning, and above all, that training supports rather than interferes with everyday work.

Just give us a call to learn more.

The BridgeRise Approach

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Custom made Business English training by Bridgerise At Bridgerise we…

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