BridgeRise offers two English training services. The first service being industry specific business English trainings for law offices, HR and job placement professionals and consumer goods & services experts. Addionally BridgeRise also offers reporting and assessement English training services.

Industry specific Business English Training Services

Every industry has its own jargon. Words that are very common within a law firm, might not be common at all at an human resource company. That’s why BridgeRise has created industry specific business English trainings for Law practice, HR, and consumer goods and services:

Reporting & Assessment English Training Services

We work with you to determine what you want your employees to be able to do in English. Based on this, we assess your staff and create a B-Clear report customized to your needs. The B-Clear report allows you to decide who needs English training and lets us create a targeted plan that gets your staff to the level you want.