Business English Training for Consumer Goods and Services Professionals

Consumer goods and services cover a wide spectrum, from foods to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals on the one hand, and from recruitment to information services on the other. However, companies in these fields share certain things in common, e.g. commercial office staff and their main areas of responsibility.

Business English Training for Consumer Goods and Services – Modules

The BridgeRise Business English for consumer goods and services professionals training program has been available since the end of 2018.  The focus is on achieving effectiveness at the kinds of English tasks prioritized in large offices for international companies. Depending on needs, training modules include internal/inter-office communication, communication with customers, partners, service providers, and suppliers, style, form, translating, proofreading, and editing for marketing and PR personnel, industry-specific vocabulary building, and more.

Training has a focus on professionalism and achieving effectiveness in real work tasks, and includes preliminary and ongoing B-Clear assessments for participants, as well as specialized BridgeRise print and digital training materials.

Registration and trial-packages are now open for interested companies in the Düsseldorf area. Send us an email to find out more or book a trial package.