Business English Training for Law Offices

BridgeRise business English training for law offices kicked off in 2018 with specialized English courses being held for lawyers, legal support staff, and interns in the  Düsseldorf area.

Business English Training for Law Offices – Modules

Training modules include a wide range of topics depending on learning goals, from contracts and legal documentation comprehension, proofreading, and drafting, to communications with clients, internal/external legal teams, and offices abroad, to fundamental legal English, to standard business English skills and more.

Training always has a strong focus on professionalism and achieving effectiveness in real work tasks, and includes preliminary and ongoing B-Clear assessments for participants, as well as BridgeRise’s specialized print and digital training materials.

Registration and trial-packages are now open for law firms in the Düsseldorf area. Send us an email to find out more or book a trial package.