Premium Business English Training in Duesseldorf

BridgeRise is the name of my specialised and premium business English training program for companies and firms. The program draws on a wealth of special training modules to adapt to your needs, taking into account your target occupational branches, your staff’s English ability, and your goals for achieving communicative effectiveness – as you define it – in the work-tasks
you prioritize. Some key features are:

  • A strong focus on English professionalism in the industry and job, drawing on real-world vocabulary, writing formats, documentation, software, and situations for verbal communication
  • Attention to your preferred style and tone of communication in work skills you prioritize
  • English courses designed separately for management, associate lawyers, office support staff, trainees, and interns
  • In-person, online, or blended-learning: lessons are supported by print and digital materials
  • Ongoing assessment to keep you up-to-date on how your staff is doing via regular B-
    Clear reports, especially for use by participants and HR

To help you get a better picture of how BridgeRise training can benefit your staff, I am currently offering trial Business English training or B-Clear assessment. Just send a request, and you can begin raising your team’s effectiveness working in English today.