English Assessment & Reporting Tool

You regularly, every three months, receive BrideRise’s Business Communication: Language Effectiveness Assessment Report (B-Clear) to stay up to date on your staff’s language ability.

This report is BridgeRise’s main tool to provide you with a means of getting a grip on your team’s English ability. It is the starting point to plan and initiate truly effective English training.

We work with you to determine what you want your employees to be able to do in English. Based on this, we assess your staff and create a B-Clear report customized to your needs. The B-Clear report allows you to decide who needs English training, and lets us create a targeted plan that gets your staff to the level you want.

Every B-Clear is tailored for every customer:

  • Easy to digest, with as much or as little information as you prefer
  • Customizable to include whatever language areas or work tasks you prioritize
  • View a staff member’s or group’s effectiveness
  • Get data on high-risk areas where training is advisable
  • Number scores as a quick reference for areas you want to know about most
  • Prioritize learning areas and goals for your staff
  • A breakdown of employee performance on areas you want to prioritize and target

The BridgeRise Approach: Custom made – Assessement & Reporting – Blended learning